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APA Rojak at Westgate (阿爸厨房)


Tea break time to have APA Rojak at Westgate Food Republic foodcourt. The sauce is rich it costs S$4 for the rojak and the portion is quite small, personally I find it pricey. The fried dough

Peking Duck Roll

Crystal Jade Dining Place at Westgate (翡翠饭店)


Peking duck is a famous dish from Beijing and now you can find that in Singapore too and you can find it in Crystal Jade Dining Place at Westgate. This dish is famous for

Chwee Kueh (水粿)

Redhill Chwee Kueh at Redhill Market


The ‘kueh’ (the white ‘cake’) is very soft, in fact I find it too soft and the ‘cai poh’ (brown color – preserved turnip/radish) not too oily and the chilli is nice. I bought

Marutama DX

Marutama Ra-Men at The Central (Japanese Ramen)


Marutama Ra-Men has limited choices so that it is easier and faster to decide what to eat. You are not able to send a representatives to go and “chop” (reserve) a table as they will

Seafood Spaghetti

Re!Fill at Hotel Re!


Re!Fill which is located in Re! Hotel sells abalone laksa and it is their signature dish. Yes, is abalone, laksa with real mini abalone. The original price for the abalone laksa costs S$23.80. At times they

Bak Kut Teh Dry

Fu Zhu at The Central (富竹)


A newly opened stall named Fu Zhu at The Central basement selling a lot of variety of food and their signature is claypot bak kut teh. Fu Zhu also have some culinary awards certification.   There are 2 sections, one section is