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Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate

Sufood at at Raffles City (舒果)


Sufood is an Italian-inspired vegetarian cuisine. But not all the dish is pure vegetarian as some of the dishes contains things like milk, onion, garlic and egg and they will indicate them in the menu

Curry Fish and Dishes (Ocean Curry Fish Head)

Ocean Curry Fish Head at Telok Ayer Street (海洋咖哩鱼头)


Most people loves to eat curry, especially curry fish head. Ocean curry fish head is one of the choices. Alot of working class people will go to queue for the ocean curry fish head located


Sha’s Restaurant at Serangoon


Have tried the coin prata for snacks in an Indian Muslim coffeeshop in Serangoon. The coin prata are crispy but the curry tastes slightly salty. But when you dip the coin prata with the curry, the