Ju Shin Jung Katong at Guillemard Road (previously at Joo Chiat Road)

Ju Shin Jung

New Updates as at Mar 2014

Ju Shin Jung Katong at Joo Chiat Road has officially shifted to 102 Guillemard  Road #01-01, it is much spacious than before and parking is much more convenient.

Main Entrance

Main Entrance

There is also an indoor playground for the kids to play, so there will be no worries for those people who need to bring the kids along while catching up with friends. Their kids can play in the indoor playground and the adults can have catching up sessions.



The food is quite standard for BBQ set.

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ


Kpop, Kstars…  What about Kfood? Korean BBQ Buffet with unlimited of chicken, pork, beef and prawns with only S$35 per person and additional S$1 for barley tea  and towel and below the picture is what you get.

They will serve a bottle of barley tea and a bottle of plain water.

You will get to select one type of soup of your choice and I have chosen the clear beef soup. It is hot when served as you can see the steam. The soup contains the beef taste and the vermicelli absorb the sweetness of the soup.

Clear Beef Soup

Clear Beef Soup (Ju Shin Jung)


Clear Beef Soup

Clear Beef Soup  (Ju Shin Jung)



The other choice of soup is soya bean soup and it tastes much stronger than the clear beef soup. Those who likes stronger taste will like it.

Soya Bean Soup

Soya Bean Soup (Ju Shin Jung)

Of course not missing out the small side dishes from Korean restaurant . The green vegetables taste abit bland and the rest are ok. Personally I like the beansprout, “coleslaw”, salad and the “rutan” (braised egg) the the most.

Side Dish

Side Dish (Ju Shin Jung)



SideDish (Ju Shin Jung)

The long plate with 3 different types of vegetables, raw garlic and raw green chilli is for us to wrap with BBQ meat.

At first they will take small portion of meat to BBQ for us to try and see which one we like and we can order more after trying. Some are original without marinating and some are marinated. The meat are well marinated and taste strong.

The one and only little button mushroom is not within the buffet but they let us try it and if interested to order more will have additional charges. The button mushroom tastes juicy with BBQ smell – nice.

The waitress will walk around and help us to do the BBQ as long as she is free.

BBQ Meat

BBQ Meat (Ju Shin Jung)

The whole table is full of food. Side dishes with the BBQ meat and prawns.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ (Ju Shin Jung)

Lastly they will serve us fruits and tea. I like their concept on serving the watermelon in heart-shape with toothpick. Firstly, you can finish it easily and just by holding the toothpick. Secondly, you can use the toothpick to clear the stuck meat in your teeth.


Watermelon (Ju Shin Jung)

They serve cinnamon tea with strong cinnamon taste and sweet. Cinnamon tea has a lot of health benefits as it will lower cholesterol, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and fill with antioxidants. Is good to have it after a BBQ meal.


Tea (Ju Shin Jung)


As they are shifting to a new location soon, if you eat in Ju Shin Jung Katong now, they give you a “voucher” (which does not look like a voucher) for 20% discount in their new outlet which valid from 6th Dec 2013 till 28th Feb 2014. Will have to keep the receipt together with the “voucher” to entitled 20% discount off total bill.


Voucher (Ju Shin Jung)


Ju Shin Jung Katong (Last day opening 1st Dec 2013)

451 Joo Chiat Road
#01-01/02 Katong Juction
Singapore 42764
Tel: +65 6440-7707

Ju Shin Jung (New Location starts on 6th Dec 2013)

102 Guillemard Road
Singapore 399719
Tel: +65 6440-7707


Ambiance: ♥♥♥♡♡
$$$: ♥♥♡♡♡
Credit Card Promo: None at the moment

– More ♥ in ambiance means ambiance is fantastic
– More ♥ in $$$ means more expensive

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  1. Reply CrazyFoodGia 08/03/2014

    Ju Shin Jung has officially located at the below address:-

    102 Guillemard Road
    Singapore 399719
    Tel: +65 6440-7707

    The restaurant is much more spacious which can accommodate more people and the parking is more convenient. You have no worries about bringing your kids while catching up with friends as there is an indoor playground for the kids to play. You may check the blog for some picture updates.

  2. Reply may 05/05/2014

    The restaurant should really work on its ventilation system. It is like a smoked container the moment you walked in and became a smoked BBQ when you stepped out.

    Smoky and stuffy.

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