Kimly Handmade Dim Sum at 304 Coffeeshop


Dim Sum is something that you can try a little of the quantity of many choices.

They are handmade that’s why the shop name called Kimly Handmade Dim Sum. They will steam/ heat up for you after you have ordered. Dim Sum is best to have it when it is hot.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum












Kimly Handmade Dim Sum

Blk 304 Coffeeshop
Serangoon Ave 2
Singapore 550304
Ambiance: ♥♥♡♡♡
$$$: ♥♡♡♡♡
Credit Card Promo: NA

– More ♥ in ambiance means ambiance is fantastic
– More ♥ in $$$ means more expensive

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  1. Reply Nathan Wincent 08/08/2014

    Bad attitude. On d phone while serving. Not evenbothered to listen. I asked for homemade chee chong fun n a popiah. 1st she place d popiah on a separate plate then when I asked for chee chong fun , she placed d popiah on top of it. When I asked her she just turn her back attending to phone.
    Wat kind of service is tis.
    Chee chong fun no chilli, very hard n dry. Pls dont waste ur money on tis tim sum

  2. Reply Customer 13/09/2014

    Super bad attitude while taking orders. Walked towards the stall happily. A lady asked “What u want” in Chinese with a black and charcoal face. another lady asked another customer “what she want” with a black face too.
    We customer just feel that we don owe you anything or kill your family member. Why do they treat us so bad. Should they need to go any training?
    Bad service period between 8/9/2014 – 13/9/2014 – Blk 266 Compassvale Bow #01-01

  3. Reply Mr Loh 05/11/2014

    Very horribe rude lady at Jurong West St51 Coffeeshop staff of Kimly Home Made Tim Sum!!!

    At Jurong West Street 51 at block 501, one of the coffee shop serving Kimly Home Made Tim Sum, I will never ever will buy from this stall, one of the staff there were very rude, this woman with her hair dyed, short and ugly looking the worst staff at the counter, she is lazy, horribly rude and saw her shouted at people buying tim sum from her!!!

  4. Reply Mel 26/12/2014

    Had a bad experience with this lady that I bought a Bao. J.Membina Block 26. Bought it home for my son (7 years old) who loves to eat their Bao, son told me today’s taste is strange. I noticed the colour of the meat is black and the egg inside looks like have been kept for sometime. Since I stayed opposite and patronize them often, I wrap it up and showed it to the lady. She insisted the colour of their Bao meat is ‘Like that!’, nothing wrong and refused to change. I don’t understand how business owners train their staff. Why would I waste my time and con you for a Bao for $1.50? Change for me and you get repeated business. Now, you can forget it! Btw, I am trying to contact their company and cant find any link. Pls let me know if anyone knows. Thanks.

    • Reply Ariel 09/06/2015

      Kimly Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd is the company which creates and distributes the dim sum to their different stalls.
      Address: Kimly Food Holdings, 13 Woodlands Link, (S)738725
      Phone Number:67552145
      Their Facebook Page:
      A lot of customers are also complaining about customer service etc. Even though the food is nice, better service would be excellent, Just a child who likes the dim sum his parents bring on weekend mornings. 🙂

  5. Reply Mol 03/03/2016

    At 304 Serangoon Ave 2. On 29 Feb nite had supper. Assistant served with one hand holding on to phone. Not paying attention to our needs. Not able to answer our query.

    On 2 Mar nite assistant grumbled we ask for another small plate chillie. We bought 2 plates chee Cheong fun but took only 1 sm plate chillie. Not courteous service at this stall. Not only these 2 occasions.

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