Parklane Zha Yun Tun at Sunshine Plaza


Parklane Zha Yun Tun at Sunshine Plaza was once featured on television program (排排站查查看). They are famous for their fried wanton (炸云吞).

Of course, I will not miss out ordering their fried wanton at Parklane Zha Yun Tun. It is best to go with their mayonnaise sauce. The skin of the fried wanton is quite thin and crispy unlike some fried wanton outside, the skin quite thick. A small bowl of fried wanton costs S$3.00.

Fried Wanton (炸云吞)

Fried Wanton (炸云吞)

At the same time have ordered their herbal chicken soup (药材鸡汤) at S$4.80. The soup has the herbal taste and is tasty and sweet.

Herbal Chicken Soup (药材鸡汤)

Herbal Chicken Soup (药材鸡汤)

Although their vegetables (油菜) costs S$4.50, it actually quite a big portion.

Steam Vegetables (油菜)

Vegetables (油菜)

Not forgetting their fried wanton noodle. The small plate costs S$4.00 and the big plate costs S$5.00.

Wanton Mee (云吞面)

Wanton Mee (云吞面)


Parklane Zha Yun Tun

91 Bencoolen Street
#01-53/85 Sunshine Plaza
Singapore 189652
Tel: +65 6835-9212

Ambiance: ♥♥♡♡♡
$$$: ♥♥♥♡♡
Credit Card Promo: NA

– More ♥ in ambiance means ambiance is fantastic
– More ♥ in $$$ means more expensive

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